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04 September 2000 @ 11:00 pm

Title: Protector
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Simon/Alisha
Summary:  AU in which Alisha never dies and Simon keeps his power. Simon was never one to use his power anymore, but as soon as she came into their lives, his power suddenly gained new meaning to him. Pure fluff.

A/N: SPUR OF THE MOMENT FANFIC. I have a love/hate with this OTP

It was dead silent in their flat, the only noise was the light breathing that came from Alisha as she snuggled into the queen sized bed. Instinctively she reached over to the other side of the bed, expecting to feel his warm presence curled up, but instead, she felt nothing.
She frowned, tiredly opening her eyes and looking around her bedroom. She spotted their clothes spewed haphazardly in their room, they suddenly had less time for many things, including organizing and cleaning which was always a must for Simon, but his priorities had recently laid elsewhere.
She propped herself up on one arm, tousling her unruly hair with the other.

“Simon?” she spoke his name quietly, becoming more awake by the second. She looked around their tiny room once more, but no sight or sound of him. She then sat up, pulling the covers to cover her nude body. She reached down beside their bed pulled up one of his t-shirts. She quickly put it over her head and picks up her thrown panties that had been on her about 5 hours ago.
She tiptoes out of the bedroom, slightly irritated that her boyfriend wasn’t beside her to cuddle. They both haven’t had much sleep as of lately. Not since their daughter came into their lives.

It was both a surprise and an accident, or a very happy accident as he now puts it. They had pretty much stopped using condoms and the one time she forgets to take her birth control, she winds up pregnant. She spilled the news to him after a long session of love making. They were both naked; she was curled up in his arms as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. It wasn’t until he accidently placed his hand on her stomach, causing her to flinch, was the moment he realized that something was off.
He furrowed his brows, “Why’d you stiff up?”

Goddamn Simon and his constant questions, she thought to herself. She forced herself a smile, “Nothing Simon, I’m fine”

He pulled away from her, propping himself his arm to get a better look at her. He narrowed his eyes at her, “Alisha …” he said sternly. He knew her, he knew when she was lying, and this was definitely one of the moments.

She smiled weakly, “I promise, I’m fine, can we go to bed now? I – I’m tired” she was trying hard to get him to drop the conversation, but her boyfriend was persistent.
“Alisha, what’s wrong?” His tone serious, his piercing stare was burning into her. She lightly shook her head, smiling softly, “You’re going to hate me” she whispered. Simon’s stare suddenly soften; he reached out and stroked her cheek.

“Alisha, talk to me” he pleaded, leaning his forehead onto hers. She bit her lip, her eyes started to water. She had heard stories of her past friends getting knocked up and their boyfriends leaving them to raise the child by themselves. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach, hoping he would take the hint without her saying anything.

Simon shook his head, “I – I don’t get – “

His eyes then flew wide open, his expression completely slack jawed. She bowed her head down, tears spilling as silence took over their conversation.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she whimpered.

Simon swallowed hard, trying to soak in the conversation. He was going to be a father; he was going to be responsible of a tiny human being. He wasn’t even sure if he knew how to change a diaper. He looked at Alisha who was silently crying, his heart dropped. He knew that this must have been terrifying for her, hiding it from him, and probably thinking that he was going to leave her.

He removed his hand from her stomach, moving it over to her chin where he lifted it, to meet her watery eyes with his big blue ones.

“I don’t hate you, I could never hate you for this Alisha, I mean I played a part in this too”

She gave a watery smile, “I’m scared Simon”

He chuckled, “I don’t even know how to change a diaper, imagine how I feel”

She laughed softly, wiping away at her eyes. His gaze then turned serious, he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “We’ll get through this together, I promise. I won’t leave you Alisha. Never”

He pulled her back into his arms and laid back down in bed, pulling her down with him. He buried his face in her curls, rubbing her back gently as she started to calm down.

“I love you Simon” she said softly.

His grip on her tightened as she spoke those words, his response back was a soft kiss to her lips as they both settled into bed.

Alisha couldn’t believe that was almost a year ago. She smiles at the journey they went through together. Late night craving trips to McDonalds (“If you think you’re going by yourself, you’re totally wrong” he told her as he caught her trying to sneak out one early morning at 2 am) The horrible morning sickness that left her bed ridden for a good week (“I read on the internet that chamomile tea is really good for you and the baby, it helps with the morning sickness”)

Simon had become overly protective of her, not that it bugged her of course. Every night he would lovingly read his favorite comics to her stomach. His eyes would light up with joy as he excitedly would read comics of Spiderman, Superman, and Batman to it. (He even read Spider girl, and Super girl comics “I want our baby to know that even if she’s a girl, she has the potential to be anything she wants”) Simon was fully embracing fatherhood and the day they found out they were having a little girl, he promised to Alisha that he would make a strong effort to get them out of the ‘secret lair’ they were living.

“This is no place for our baby” he declared one morning during breakfast.

Alisha giggled lightly, rubbing her 7 month old swollen belly, biting into her toast. “You know, I think Nikki might help us out” she added.

Nikki had been good friends with her landlord, and when Simon came to her, asking if she could scrape up some sort of deal with her and her landlord for a spot for his family, she happily agreed. The tiny two bedroom apartment suited them just fine, and with help from Kelly, Curtis and Rudy (he split into two to help with double the moving) and after a very unorganized baby shower (“I stole yeh 12 packs of them nappies” Rudy proudly said, his double staring down at him with such disappointment. “It was his idea not mine”)

It wasn’t long before her water broke during her shift at the bar. Simon had managed to get a job at the local comic book store (impressing the owners with his vast knowledge of super heroes) and when Curtis rang him up at the hospital, he darted out of work and sped off to the hospital.

By the time he got there, Alisha was all smiles, holding a tiny pink bundle. She was glowing; he had never seen such a light in her face before as she cradled their daughter. He swallowed, suddenly feeling hesitant, he awkwardly stayed at the door way, slowly inching his way towards the bed.

“Oh come on you doof, come meet your daughter”

Simon then took stride steps toward the tiny baby, softly cooing against her mother’s chest.

It was then that he had witnessed perfection, and it was his daughter.

She had milky skin, not as pale as his, she had dark curls and when she opened her eyes, they were as blue and wide as her fathers.

“May, I want to name her May” he spoke softly, lying beside Alisha, admiring their daughter. Alisha’s eyebrows furrowed, “May? Why May?”

Simon slightly blushed, “It’s the name of Peter Parker’s daughter, or we could call her Maisie”

“Maisie, Maisie Bellamy” Alisha spoke the name out loud, testing out it sounded. She looked down at her daughter who was quietly sleeping. She could already tell she was going to be a lot like her father. “I like it”

Simon kissed her forehead as Alisha settled into his arms. He didn’t sleep that night, he couldn’t sleep that night. The excitement of being a father was just overwhelming to him. He found his night much more enjoyable as he watched his two favorite girls sleep in his arms.

Parenthood ended up being much more easier than they thought, although sometimes they couldn’t get much sleep, it was quite obvious that Maisie’s personality was going to be much like her fathers, quiet and reserved. She was a good baby; she typically slept throughout the night and rarely ever cried, but when she did cry, it would take a while for her settle. Tonight was definitely one of those nights.

Alisha crept quietly throughout their flat, seeking out wherever Simon was. She peeked into Maisie’s bedroom, “Simon?” she whispered.

There was no one in the room.

She was just about to leave when she noticed the rocking chair move back and forth. She turned back around and entered the room, she frowned, “Simon? You there?”

His presence suddenly came out of nowhere, as he calmly sat in the rocking chair. Sporting just boxers and no shirt, he kept a steady gaze on Maisie’s crib.

“I heard her crying, and I got her to stop, but I decided to stay in here and watch her … in case anything happens” he spoke as softly as he could, never breaking eye contact with the crib.

“Why’d you turn invisible?” she questioned

Simon looked up at her, “In case anything happens. I’m not going to lose her like I almost lost you. Never. I won’t risk it”

Alisha expression softened as she realized that Simon’s overprotective-ness had kicked in, and she was only a month old, God I can’t even imagine how he’ll be when she starts dating … she thought.

“Simon, come on to bed, Maisie’ll be okay” Alisha carefully walked over to her crib, adorned with safari animals. She peered into the crib and saw her daughter softly sleeping, her tiny chest rising up and down. Alisha reached down and stroked her cheek, she turned back to Simon who had not moved from the rocking chair.

“Simon,” she started, she crouched down to him, reaching up and making him look at her, his face remained stern. “You won’t lose us, I promise” she stroked his cheek lightly.

He sighed softly, “I – I had a nightmare, that I lost you both, a – and when I heard her cry, I assumed the worst, and … “ he trailed off, a look of despair and helplessness on his face. “I had to watch her Alisha, to make sure nothing happened”

She kissed his tightened knuckles, “You won’t ever lose us Simon” she stared into his big blue eyes, “Ever. I’m yours forever, and Maisie is ours. We’re never going anywhere”

He smiled lightly at her, “Come to bed now yeah?” she asked once more. He nodded, getting up from the chair, he walked over to the crib, leaning down her placed a kiss on his daughter’s forehead. She stirred gently in her sleep, cooing softly.

She wrapped her arm around his waist as they walked their way back to their bedroom

“God our room is a mess, we really have to clean it tomorrow”

“Oh shut up Simon”